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Episodes So Far...

05 October 2009

48. The Shambles - Adolf Hitler PR Meeting

Hitler - Adolf Hitler leader of the Nazis and Nazi Party - butts heads during a meeting with his PR Publicity team of Sos & Lynchy from The Shambles.

Some celebrities just can't get enough, especially holocaust based celebrities or Jason Donavon...

Taken From SERIES 3 of THE SHAMBLES WITH SOS, VALVO & LYNCHY Availible Now on DVD - Get It Exclusively From:

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25 August 2009

47. The Shambles - The Spit Take Skit

The first ever sketch filmed for the show which went onto become something about water and stuff like that. it makes little sense - but valvo is fat and lynchy is skinny - how things change

(Video Podcast)

21 August 2009

46. The Shambles - Lynchy Chats With.... JUDD APATOW (PART TWO)

PART TWO of lynchys chat with legendary comedy director and producer JUDD APATOW. this time the boys talk about aziz ansari's RAAAAAAANDY character and discuss more about Aussie Eric Bana.

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17 August 2009

45. The Shambles - Lynchy Chats With.... JUDD APATOW (PART ONE)

This week, we sit down with Lynchy and comedy legend JUDD APATOW (the man behind such comedy classics as FREAKS & GEEKS, KNOCKED UP and SUPERBAD).

The full audio interview, unedited, will be availible for download in a few weeks - part two of this video interview will be availible to download later in the week!

(Video Podcast)

11 August 2009

44. The Shambles - Get To Know The Veronicas

Taken from the 2009 MICF, Sos and Valvo take on THE VERONICAS - this is the YouTube sensation which was picked up and promoted by the Veronica girls themselves!

(Video Podcast)

03 August 2009

43. The Shambles - Lynchy Visits... STAR WARS @ SCIENCEWORKS

This week, Lynchy gets his nerd-on by trekking over to Melbourne aceballs Stars Wars @ Scienceworks exhibition.

Lets face it, if your stoned off your tits... this place could well take up an entire day!

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30 July 2009

42. The Shambles - Lynchy Chats With... Malin Akerman (WATCHMEN)

Lynchy catches up and sits down with the stunningly hot MALIN AKERMAN, the star of the uber hit WATCHMEN and soon to be seen in the upcoming comedy COUPLE RETREAT.

They talk cameltoes... and then lynchy lost conciousness

(Video Podcast)

27 July 2009

41. The Shambles - Guttertalk : Who Should Get Their Own TV Show

In this latest podcast, The Shambles boys investigate the streets of melbourne to find out just who exactly should be getting their own TV show.

The question is... should anyone?

(Video Podcast)

23 July 2009

40. The Shambles - Sos' Hair Funeral

Sos, Valvo & Lynchy say goodbye after the tragic loss of Sos' disgusting oily hair. It really looked terrible... just terrible.

Hey - guess what... we have tshirts and dvds on sale... go to our website and purchase them with human money

(Video Podcast)

20 July 2009

39. The Shambles - Guttertalk : Arias Red Carpet with Hamish & Andy

Lynchy and Valvo get their butts on a plane and head to Sydney to talk the talk with the biggest stars in Australia at the ARIA AWARDS. Among those stopping by for a chat are HAMISH BLAKE and ANDY LEE.

(Video Podcast)

16 July 2009

38. The Shambles - Lynchy Visits... AVENUE Q

38. The Shambles - Lynchy Visits... AVENUE Q

This week, Lynchy checks out Behind The Scenes of the Tony Award winning musical AVENUE Q which hit Melbourne's shores. We do not promote this type of violence, but the shores asked for it and Avenue Q tends to have some serious anger issues.
The two have since patched their differences and live together with a child in India.

(Video Podcast)

17 May 2009

37. The Shambles - JR with Stevie McGuggin

The Shambles - JR with Stevie McGuggin

Wicker Basket Weaving champion and legendary commentator JR (Sos) teams up with his idol Stevie McGuggin (Lynchy) in the original sketch which launched the characters.

(Video Podcast)

06 May 2009

36. The Shambles - Bill Cosby

Lynchy and Valvo chat with legendary comedian bill cosby... or do they?

(Mp3 Podcast)

35. The Shambles - "Dear Shambles"

Dear Shambles

The Shambles boys respond to corressondence from fans and fictional idiots

(Video Podcast)

15 April 2008

34. The Shambles - Sir Ian Melly & Claudio (Video)

Sir Ian Melly & Claudio

(Video Podcast)

09 April 2008

33. The Shambles - Interview With Patrick Harvey (Part 2) (Video)

The Shambles interview actor Patrick Harvey (Part 2)

(Video Podcast)

22 March 2008

32. The Shambles - Interview With Patrick Harvey (Part 1) (Video)

The Shambles interview actor Patrick Harvey (Part 1)

(Video Podcast)

13 March 2008

31. The Shambles - Breakfast Show Montage (Part 2) (Video)

Some of the best bits of The Shambles on C31's 'The Breakfast Show'

Part 2

(Video Podcast)

04 March 2008

30. The Shambles - Interview With Dave Thornton (Video)

The Shambles interview comedian Dave Thornton

(Video Podcast)

20 February 2008

29. The Shambles - Breakfast Show Montage (Part 1) (Video)

Some of the best bits of The Shambles on C31's The Breakfast Show

Part 1

(Video Podcast)